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As a special bonus, our CASA event competition winners and VIPs get to participate in innovative collaborative recording sessions with the pros from each event. The result is a lot of fun, great music, and general awesomeness. 

CASA Members now receive a FREE copy of each of these tracks:

 "The Bones of You", as recorded by Plaid Productions and Emerald City Productions at SoJam 2011, featuring the voices of Naturally 7, the Boxettes, the SoJam 2011 VIPs, and many more.

"Princess of China", as recorded by Plaid Productions and Emerald City Productions at LAAF 2012, featuring the voices of Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado & Mitch Grassi (of Pentatonix), Duwende, Hookslide, the LAAF 2012 VIPs, and many more.

"You Make Me Wanna", as recorded by Clear Harmonies Productions at BOSS 2012 and Emerald City Productions, mastered by Vocal Mastering, arranged by Tom Anderson and Clare Wheeler, featuring the voices of Cadence, Redline, Ball in the House, Voices in Your Head, the BOSS 2012 VIPs, and many more.

"It's Time", as recorded by Plaid Productions at AcappellaFest 2012, mastered by Vocal Mastering, featuring the voices of The Edge Effect, Sonos, Six Appeal, the AcappellaFest 2012 VIPs, The Washington University Stereotypes, and many more.

"Lights", as recorded by Sled Dog Studios / The Vocal Company at SoJam X, mastered by Vocal Mastering, featuring the voices of Pentatonix, The Edge Effect, Musae, the SoJam X VIPs, Northeastern University Nor'easters, and many more.

"Heaven", arranged by Nicholas Wright, tracked and edited by AcappellaPsych at VCN 2012, mixed by Clear Harmonies Producitons, mastered by Vocal Mastering, featuring the voices of Cluster, Afro Blue, Cartoon Johnny, Vox Pop, the VCN 2012 VIPs, and many more.

Join us at our next event and lend YOUR voice to the mix!

You can preview these tracks here.

To download a track, please follow these three steps:

Step 1: If you are not a full CASA member, please register or upgrade your account at casa.org/individual_membership. Then make sure you are properly logged into the website.

Step 2: Click buy album below (it will only be there if you have a paid membership AND are logged in). Each member only has one attempt to download each track so make sure that your computer isn't in the middle of doing a ton of other activities. The total download is around 7 MB and includes cover art.

Step 3: Enjoy listening to one of the best a cappella tracks around! Keep in mind that this copy is for personal use only. Please do not share it. For security purposes, the files are watermarked with your username.

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