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Dear Friends! It's been a while, but I'm back with more frivolities to throw your way. Festive frivolities, in fact, as many of you will have been celebrating Early Christmas, or “Thanksgiving”, as y'all call it. If I understand this custom correctly, the traditional way to celebrate this holiday is to get together with all the family and eat enormous amounts of Turkey and other things. In England, we call this Christmas, and it falls about a month later.

But since we welcomed a genuine Tennessean into our little Swingle family, we've tried to celebrate it in some way each year to make Sara feel well and truly at home. The first year, Willy (ex-Swingle, and matrimonial partner to Jo) cooked up an epic feast to Sara's expert specifications. I personally am very much a fan of expressing thanks for the fantastic people and things in life. So we have taken this tradition well and truly to heart. And therefore the fact that we were going to be in Hong Kong doing a 1920s corporate gig was not going to scupper anything. After all, as another American friend pointed out to me, what says “Thanksgiving” more than a bunch of Brits and a Tennessean in Hong Kong?

I made you a montage.

That is all.