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Maybe you gave up singing after high school, maybe you’ve been in a chorus your entire life, or maybe you only indulge in the shower.

But in the Sing to Live Chorus, it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve had. All that counts is that you love to sing.

In Glenview on Aug. 16, and in Oak Park Aug. 18, the Sing to Live Chorus will hold voice placement sessions for those who’d like to join the group. The chorus is composed of people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer and gives concerts to support breast cancer organizations and to provide a healing musical outlet for those who need it.

No auditions

“It’s a non-audition chorus, though we sound, in my opinion, very professional,” Deerfield soprano Jill Maling said. “The voice placements are literally so that the director knows what parts to give people.”

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