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Many of you may have noticed that CASA has been sprinting at full speed for the past few years. From the efforts to grow the Contemporary A Cappella League to the expansion of our festival network, we have taken on a laundry list of tasks to optimize our functioning and do what we are here to do: promote and foster a cappella music.

In the past, the CASA Board of Directors has run the show around here. Every Board Member is responsible for overseeing the organization and runs at least one CASA program. All the way up to the top this organization represents a team effort of devoted volunteers. We are a happy family – retreats and karaoke parties are a standard part of our annual fare – but a hard working one.

The great news for the a cappella community is that we have gotten too big for our old structure, and this is entirely because of our membership explosion, the increased utilization of our programs, and mainstream public interest that has fueled interest in a cappella music. We couldn’t be more excited! And we realize that this means that we need to make some changes in how we do business.

What we have chosen to do is to shrink the CASA Board of Directors significantly (from 22 at its height down to about 8) and make those people responsible for management of others. Everyone else, plus a few new faces, will become Program Managers. Those people will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the many programs that CASA provides. We can add Program Managers as new programs are suggested and easily fit them into this new structure without growing the Board beyond the size that our Bylaws will allow.

We have not lost any people in this process, we have just reshuffled ourselves into positions based on people’s proclivities and time constraints. We believe that this new structure will allow us to continue to grow at the rate we have been without losing sight of what we’re here to do or killing any one person (ahem) with unreasonable management responsibilities.

For those of you out there who have skills and are clamoring to give back to the a cappella community that you love, this may be your chance! We have a few slots open and we are opening them up to the public until February 4th. You can read about the positions below. Some are board level and would require management ability while others are Program Manager positions and require ability to administer a specific set of tasks. If you are interested, please email me: Julia at casa dot org, before February 4th with a bit of information about yourself and why you feel you would be a good fit for the job.

Furthermore, CASA is run from the bottom up by passionate volunteers. If you want to make a difference in the organization but don't feel prepared to commit to a program manager position, we still want and need you! With many different programs and missions, we still need a great deal of help from volunteers outside of these listed postitions. If you are interested in helping advances CASA's causes, please email Volunteer Coordinator Christopher Diaz at christopher at casa dot org. 

I look forward to hearing from some of you. For the rest, know that CASA’s new direction is reason for excitement. Onward and upward!

The Positions:

Program Manager: CASAcademy
CASAcademy is CASA’s arm for learning about a cappella! In the CASAcademy section of the CASA website, CASA members can download original instructional material; watch videos of performances and workshops; explore a cappella history; and connect with experts in everything from vocal technique and health, through arranging and recording, to fundraising and public relations!
- Inviting, organizing, and editing authors of instructional booklets
- Deciding on and editing video content (from festivals) to be used on the site
- Expectations include 1 published item every 2 weeks on the CASA website.
- This position reports to the Director of Education.

Program Manager: Advertising
* Seek out services/businesses of potential interest to CASA members and solicit for advertising on CASA.org
* Work with Technology team to implement advertisements
* Coordinate with Treasurer for receiving payments from advertising partners
* Monthly Report to Treasurer on advertising partners and revenue, prior to monthly board meeting

Program Manager: Fundraising
* Reach out to and liaise with potential large- and small-scale donors
* Solicit donations from the a cappella community to support CASA (outside of membership dues)
* Host fundraising events at CASA-sponsored events
* Manage tax deductible donation receipts

Program Manager: Grants

* Seek out foundations or government programs which support the arts with grants
* Identify grants appropriate to supporting existing CASA programs
* Identify grants appropriate to developing new CASA programs
* Coordinate with Treasurer and Director of Development for grant-writing responsibilities

Program Manager: Acapedia

- Raise awareness of the resource through outreach and advertising
- Enter information; incite groups, organizations, and businesses to enter information.
- Find other databases to link to
- Consider how to best expand functionality including regional and global features
- Oversee volunteers to enter information
- Work with PM: Infrastructure and PM: Membership to upgrade user interface
- User testing of interface upgrades and functionality
- Work in conjunction with the Director of Technology



Oh Julia...you had me at "Afoot".  :)

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