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Following 5 years of successful leadership, CASA's Director of Festivals, Dave Sperandio, aka Dio, is stepping down from his position in order to pursue other endeavors. Dave founded the Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI) in 2003, and merged it with CASA in 2008. During his CASA tenure, Dave oversaw the growth of the festivals program from one event to five major annual events serving the a cappella community. The festivals are an anchor of CASA as an organization, and a galvanizing force in our community. CASA events, currently held in locations across the country, provide educational, performance, and social opportunities that support and sustain our artform, and we largely have Dio to thank for this. His guidance in overseeing each festival's production team has been invaluable. Thanks, Dio!

From Dave Sperandio:


Hello friends! After nearly a decade of service to the non-profit vocal music community, I am stepping down from my position at CASA as Director of Events. As you can imagine, I have many mixed feelings about this decision, but for the time being I am excited to refocus on my professional career and my family.

I am walking away from an amazing opportunity, indeed one which my team and I have created --- with your help --- from the very aca-ethos. But I am doing so, as so often is the case in life, to pursue another exciting opportunity: over the summer, I will be launching a new company that will coexist with diovoce and VocalSource. I can't say more just yet, but I hope with this new venture to continue the tradition of service I have built over these past 12+ years. More soon on that front!

I leave behind an exemplary team, which will be headed by Amanda Aldag in the interim, and a host of wonderful vehicles for you --- yes you! --- to take advantage of:


This is an incredibly exciting time for the world of contemporary a cappella music, for CASA, and for CASA Events. I encourage you to get involved with CASA, and to attend and/or volunteer at one of our events. Do it today!

Thank you to so many who have helped us build this community into the family that it has become. And don't worry, you'll be seeing me again soon. In fact, I'll expect to see you at the next CASA event, and I look forward to enjoying the fruits of the team's labor - as a spectator, for the first time. First round's on me :)