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CASA is proud to announce the release of its 10th edition of the sing series of a cappella compilations, sing 10: neon. The series began in 2003 when Dave Sperandio created it for the Alliance For A Cappella Initiatives to highlight and celebrate southern a cappella. Initially smaller in its scope, the sing series has developed into a yearly collection of some of the world's finest and most diverse vocal music. In addition to collegiate and professional groups from the United States, the albums feature talent from high schools across the country and acclaimed international professional ensembles.

sing 10: neon is available as a free download to all CASA members beginning 11/15. You can also purchase online at Loudr.fm or iTunes next week. A small number of limited edition CDs will only be available at SoJam 2013 and select CASA festivals, so get them and get them signed!

Executive produced by TeKay and Steve Ryan, the 24 varied tracks on sing 10: neon, as with its predecessors, were chosen by a small selection committee comprised of people who have extensive knowledge of the artform. US pro groups like Street Corner Symphony join collegiate groups such as the Northwestern Undertones, high school groups (Eleventh Hour), and international groups from Singapore (MiCappella) and Denmark (Postyr Project), among other countries. And a CAL (Contemporary A Cappella League) group, Redline, also joins the lineup. And the music? We've got everything from original electronica to Turkish traditional pieces - a rich variety.

Steve Ryan: "Songs and artists I've been exposed to through the sing series have profoundly affected me as a musician. Choosing just a few songs to represent the whole world of contemporary a cappella each year is no easy task, and there is no perfect track list, but I'm excited about the album we've put together this year and I'm hopeful that the sing series will continue to be as inspirational to others as it has been to me."

TeKay adds: "The team had a herculean task of listening to thousands of tracks to whittle down to a finalist list of about 50-60 songs. While we couldn't accommodate all of our favorites, we were able to curate the largest sing ever. Some of the songs were instant hits and some artists made the must-have list, but we had to fight over which songs would make it to sing 10: neon. In addition, one third of sing 10: neon are originals, while 11 groups are making their sing debut."

As usual, the music is complemented by Benjy Rose's innovative artwork, this year with an elemental (think periodic table) theme. "Neon is the 10th element and the light it gives off can be energetic and piercing or dangerous and foreboding. So when Steve and I were making some of the final selections, some choices were determined by how well the track fit into that quality", says TeKay.

The Tracks:

  • The Boxettes, "Puppet on a String"
  • The Chordials (Cornell), "Bizness"
  • The Funx, "Save it for Another Day"
  • MO5AIC, "Superstar"
  • Musae, "Evacuate the Dancefloor"
  • Street Corner Symphony, "Voodoo"
  • The Octāves (Richmond), "Oh Oh Oh My My My"
  • The Northwestern Undertones, "Plain Gold Ring"
  • The Amalgamates (Tufts), "Undisclosed Desires"
  • Note-oriety (James Madison), "DNA"
  • Out of the Blue (Yale), "I'd Do It All Again"
  • Nor'easters (Northeastern), "Mama Knows Best"
  • MICappella, "Here We Go" (club mix)
  • Postyr Project, "Go! Don't Stop!"
  • ARORA, "The Bridge"
  • The Swingle Singers, "Gemiler Giresune" [exclusive to physical CD only]
  • GQ, "Timshel (feat. XIV Hours)"
  • Redline, "Sleep"
  • Club for Five, "Kun Joulu On" (radio edit)
  • The Pitchforks (Duke), "Refraction"
  • Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School), "Paris (Ooh la la)"
  • Blue Jupiter, "Defying Gravity"
  • Exit 245 (James Madison), "Cinema"
  • Men in Drag (U Chicago), "Coming Undone"