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The A Cappella Project - Philadelphia

The A Cappella Project - Philadelphia is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the education and promotion of a cappella music in the Philadelphia area. As such, we have a multi-faceted mission:

Project-Philly is a charitable organization.
Our primary mission is to raise funds for local scholarship funds based in the arts. Currently, we are funding the Ani Fiordimondo Performing Arts Scholarship Fund, administered by the Walnut Street Theatre.  Every year a scholarship to the Walnut Street Theatre's summer camp is given to a promising student in need who exhibits the spirit and dedication that we remember in Ani.  All of our proceeds are donated the the scholarship fund, and we at Project-Philly fully support the Walnut Street Theatre and their mission in arts education.  All of our proceeds are donated the the scholarship fund.

Project-Philly is an educational organization.
Through our our performing groups and workshops, Project-Philly gives members and non-members alike the tools to succeed in a contemporary a cappella group. These include skills such as arranging styles and techniques, sight-reading, vocal percussion and other extended techniques, recording techniques, direction, and group management. Our groups function as a lab environment for members to practice and perfect these skills under the supervision of experienced a cappella singers and certified music educators. Our membership is drawn from many different schools with many different a cappella traditions and we encourage the exchange of ideas between schools as a means of promoting a cappella music as a whole.

Project-Philly is a social outreach organization.
Our membership is drawn from collegiate singers and young post-collegiate adults. The atmosphere of our groups promotes relationships between those two groups of people, and allows them to learn from and serve as role models for each other.

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