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Emily Dankworth writes about A Cappella, and joining the group 'Vive'...

Throughout my childhood, I grew up being part of a choir and, whether I loved it or loathed it, I was always within it. It was a part of me. Over a long period of time, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of singing as a chorister in some of the world’s most prestigious spaces - Canterbury Cathedral and The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC. I even wore a cassock! 

There was always something extremely satisfying about belonging to a group which, through blending notes produced solely by the voice, such an alluring sound was created. As I grew up, however, there was a feeling lurking that I needed to go solo, in order to feel like my role as a singer was more established and respected.

As if by magic, I then met James Rose and was introduced into the world of A Cappella Music; singing without instrumental sound. I was invited to dep in the six-part A Cappella group Vive. Vive's aim is “to re-imagine the close-harmony jazz/spiritual/A Cappella sound”. The day that I went to my first rehearsal was the day that my life changed. I’m not exaggerating. I discovered that every single note you sing is not only the foundation of the song, but also crucial towards the success of its sound. An A Cappella group is completely reliant on you, and you on it. Tonality-wise and emotionally, if one person falls down, everyone is going to fall down. You simply have to be strong enough – and in both respects - to pull yourselves back up.

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