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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Music, laughter, and goodwill will abound Saturday night as the Twin Mountain Tonesmen perform their 33rd annual show at the Sarah Bernhardt Theater.

Don't be late — the show starts promptly at 7:29 p.m. It's been a long-standing tradition to begin the show at the unusual time.

"We used to start at 8:00," said Mark Clark, director of the 40-member a cappella men's chorus, "and there would always be people that came in just a few minutes late."

People were distracted by the latecomers, so "someone's wife suggested that they start at 7:59, saying that "It sounds earlier than it is," he said.

The plan worked. People started arriving early enough to get in their seats by the time the show started.

"We moved the time back to 7:29 a couple of years ago," Clark said, so the two-hour show and singalong would end earlier.

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