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It’s never easy to be the new kid on campus, but the new a cappella group, Jewkebox, which began August 2012, isn’t doing so bad.

After struggling with scheduling issues and attendance during the fall semester, Jewkebox has come back stronger this spring, becoming an official student organization and holding auditions with the rest of the a cappella groups.

“Our first-ever performance was at the big a cappella concert in February,” said Hilary Klapholz, one of the founding members of Jewkebox and the group’s music director. “It was really exciting to see a lot of things that have been in talks finally come to life.”

Jewkebox, or at least the idea of a Jewish a cappella group, has been in the works for some time.

Klapholz, a junior music education major, knew of several attempts that never got started, but the stars aligned at the beginning of this year when Carly Adelmann became the Jewish Life Director at Temple Hillel.

“[Adelmann] was like, ‘Let’s get this thing started, get the ball rolling,’ and I guess I just needed that extra push from her,” Klapholz said.

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