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There are plenty of awards decided by the "experts" in a cappella, but the A Cappella Community Awards are the awards of the people. This is the opportunity to give some love to the a cappella stuff you enjoyed this year. If the CARAs are the Grammys of A Cappella, then the ACAs are the People's Choice Awards.

ACA Timeline:

May 1 - June 1  

Any registered user of casa.org can suggest ACA categories to add to the awards.

August 15 - September 8 

Any registered user of casa.org can nominate their favorite groups/individuals/albums.

September 10

Nominations are announced. The top 4-5 nominations from each category are posted on casa.org

September 10 - October 1  

Paid CASA members vote on the nominees

October 12  

Winners are announced!


Favorite Pop/Rock Group

Favorite Jazz Group

Favorite Classical Group

Favorite Doo-Wop Group

Favorite R&B or Hip-Hop Group

Favorite Barbershop Chorus

Favorite Barbershop Quartet

Favorite Religious Group

Favorite Folk/World Group

Favorite Comedy Group

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group

Favorite Male Collegiate Group

Favorite Female Collegiate Group

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group

Favorite High School Group

Favorite Professional Album

Favorite Collegiate Album

Favorite High School Album

Favorite Male Vocalist

Favorite Female Vocalist

Favorite Vocal Percussionist

Favorite Songwriter

Favorite Arranger

Favorite A Cappella Producer

Favorite A Cappella Event

Favorite YouTube Video

Favorite European A Cappella Group

Favorite Asian A Cappella Group

Favorite Central/South American A Cappella Group

Favorite Oceanic A Cappella Group

Favorite African A Cappella Group

Favorite Competition Set

Favorite Solo Act

Favorite A Cappella Podcast, Video Series or Radio Show

Favorite A Cappella Fan

Favorite A Cappella Activism

Favorite A Cappella Book

Favorite A Cappella Blog

Favorite Breakout or Newcomer Group

Favorite Original A Cappella Song

Favorite Festival Headliner Performance

Favorite Music Video

Favorite Festival Workshop

Favorite Group That Doesn't Use Vocal Percussion

Favorite Twitter Account

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