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For Columbians, the first week of classes is a period associated with minimal stress, lots of Heights happy hours, and no real work to do. But after that first Tuesday of classes, when the average Columbian retreats to their dorm room to post a Facebook status about their hot Principles of Econ TA, Columbia’s a cappella community kicks off the most logistically challenging, mentally taxing, and emotionally exhausting week of the year: audition week.

The process begins at the NSOP Performing Arts Showcase, where every recognized performing arts group on campus takes the stage in the hopes of luring talented 2016-ers and transfer students in the audience to their auditions. This year, the year-old A Cappella Board of Columbia hosted a second showcase exclusively for a cappella groups on the following day. Every ACBC member group was given the opportunity to perform again, attempting to woo an audience of prospective members.

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