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With songs ranging from hip-hop dance tracks to rock anthems, New York-based group Six13 sounds like a full band – while using nothing but members' voices.
I attended my fair share of a cappella concerts in college. Brandeis University offered no shortage of talented groups; one that performed Broadway show tunes, another committed to pop and soul, another all about Jewish music. The men of Six13, a six-voice Jewish a cappella powerhouse from New York, deliver a fresh take on Hebrew liturgy, singing their original arrangements and music for Jewish songs, parodies of pop favorites, and covers of Yiddish and Israeli classics.

Mike Boxer, 31, the group’s musical director, songwriter, arranger and business manager, says they don’t really have a musical style per se.

“It’s kind of just a methodology of how we create our music using just voices. We like to think once the methodology is spoken for we can do pop or rock- ’n’roll or doo-wop style or jazz or anything that you could possibly imagine,” he says. “One reason the audience is never bored at our concerts is we keep it varied and interesting. We do as many types of things as we can.”

The group – Mike Boxer, Eric Dinowitz, Rob Operman, Alan Zeitlin, Justin Rosenblum and Avi Ishofsky – is scheduled to perform in Jerusalem at the Association of Americans and Canadians on September 22.

On their fourth album Zmanim, released in April of this year, Boxer says they recorded more of their original music and covers of popular Shabbat songs.

“The split between original stuff and covers of other people’s songs is much more even on this album,” he says.

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