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The Student Government Association granted Noteworthy, an on-campus a capella group, $1,437.08 on Tuesday to record its second album, a significant decrease to the $4,100.98 the organization originally asked for. 

The $4,100.98 appeal was meant to cover fees for a new album, theater reservations for an upcoming show, posters, sheet music, and funds to reimburse club president and senior Maria Murray, who paid to finance the group’s first album, Ten

The group’s initial proposal was increased by $70 because of a mathematical error caught by class of 2013 President Jenna McPadden, a writing, literature, and publishing, and marketing communication double major.

The allotted money, along with the group’s fundraising funds that they earned through donations and performances, will be used to pay for theaters reservations, sheet music, and fees for the Spring 2013 album. 

Last year, Noteworthy was allocated $1,400 of SGA funds specifically for the production of Ten, according to SGA Elections Commissioner Kassandra King, a sophomore political communication major.

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