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I don’t often admit this to the people I meet now, but I was the president of my college’s all-female a cappella group for two years. Our rehearsals and shows comprise my best memories from college, but as far as reputations go, aligning oneself with the die-hard harmonizers in matching outfits spontaneously bursting into song on the quad a la Pitch Perfect isn’t exactly valuable social capital. Sure, we had a great time, built strong friendships and partied just as hard as everyone else, but I’m an adult now and it’s time to get serious, right?

About a year out of college, I couldn’t ignore it anymore: my a cappella withdrawal was beginning to threaten my livelihood. My boyfriend at the time was no longer impressed by my beatboxing prowess and my officemates found my humming distracting. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t harmonize with myself. Then, perusing Twitter one day at work — definitely for work-related purposes — I came across a tweet from the inarguably wonderful restaurant/bar/book store/performance space Busboys and Poets shouting out a D.C.-based a cappella group that had performed on their stage the previous weekend. I probably gasped. I probably came across as far too eager in my introductory e-mail once I’d tracked down their contact info. All I know for sure, though, is that within a few hours I had an audition scheduled for the following week.

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