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Leonard Cohen is known for distinctive, haunting and provocative songs. His music inspired one artist in the Bay Area with amounts to a vision: that there ought to be a community choir of men singing a cappella exclusively from the Leonard Cohen songbook. Lisa Morehouse spent some time with the group. They call themselves the Conspiracy of Beards.

LISA MOREHOUSE, BYLINE: The Beards, as they're known, don't all have beards, but they do stand out.

RACHEL PAZEKA: They're all dressed to the nines in suits, a lot of them, lots of them are in fedoras.

MOREHOUSE: That's Rachel Pazeka. She's at this performance in an upstairs art gallery in San Francisco with her husband Tom.

TOM PAZEKA: I feel like they're going to start running whiskey across border of Canada at any second now. That's how they're dressed. That's how they look.

MOREHOUSE: The Conspiracy of Beards' arrangements set Leonard Cohen songs in unexpected forms. Here's Cohen singing "Suzanne."

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