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04/14/2013 18:30
America/New York

We are a COED A Cappella Group named Cameron Road and are currently looking for a bassist to join the group! We are having auditions this Sunday, April 14th at 6:30pm at 6014 Cameron Road Austin, Tx 78723. Hear our sound at www.facebook.com/cameronroadacappella 

Please fill out the following and e-mail us at: cameronroadacappella@gmail .com



Singing Experience

Why Would You Want to be apart of this group?
Fun facts about you
Audio/video of you singing is a plus

What to Expect

- learning more about the vision of the group

- to sing a solo (about 2 minutes) showing off your solo voice

- to learn part of an a cappella arrangement and sing it within a small ensemble 
- to do a range test
- to fill out a short questionnaire

You will be evaluated on:

- your solo

- stage presence

- your ability to blend with others during the ensemble
- your tone
- the 'intangibles' (other attributes you can bring to the group outside of your voice e.g. arranging experience)

Once you RSVP, I will send you both a questionnaire to fill out and the arrangement to learn for the ensemble portion of the audition. 
Let us know if you have any questions at cameronroadacappella@gmail.com . Take care and hope to see you at the auditions!