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*This post was intended to go up prior to the horrific bombing in Boston on Monday. While it may seem trivial to post about a music festival now, I prefer to look at it the way Leonard Bernstein (no relation) was quoted… “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” On that note…*

This year’s Boston Sings festival exceeded last year’s inaugural edition in a number of ways, though it was not without flaws.

As with last year’s summary of BOSS 2012, it is not my intention to do a critical analysis of the festival (though I will share my opinions on many things). Instead, my goal is share what is valuable, interesting, or worthwhile about attending a festival like this, as seen through the eyes of a former a cappella singer who is currently unaffiliated with any groups and unaffiliated with the “business” of a cappella. In other words, I’m going to tell you what the pure a cappella fan, without any specific financial or personal ties, gets out of a festival like this. After attending the festival solo last year, this year I was accompanied by two of my oldest and best friends, Pat Holden and Joe Owens, both of whom I met singing a cappella in college. Neither currently sings with a group, so their thoughts and observations were similarly relevant to the viewpoint of this recap.

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