HomeThe Bobs, now Seattle-based, celebrate 30th birthday

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In recent years, Bay Area a cappella comedians the Bobs have turned up at the Moisture Festival for three- or four-song sets on a surprisingly regular basis.

Which had me thinking: "Gee, the festival must be doing unusually well to have such a generous travel budget. Either that, or the Bobs love the Moisture Festival so much they pay their own airfare here."

It turns out that ever since chief songwriter/arranger Richard Bob Greene moved here in 2008, the Bobs have been a Seattle-based band, with three out of four members living here.

"Band" is the operative word. Between their mouth-percussion prowess, microphone trickery and unusual vocal talents, the Bobs never just sound like four people singing. And even when you're sure you've caught them veering from their a cappella track, things aren't what they appear.

Take, for instance, their cover of Spike Jones' "I Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon" (on their 2005 CD, "Rhapsody in Bob"). It features what surely has to be a theremin playing in the background.

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