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The Chord Rustlers of Bozeman, Montana have a great story to tell.  They have a long history of community involvement and a long time desire to get kids singing and help educators and schools whenever possible.
They started a music camp called the Big Sky Youth Harmony Rendezvous.  Scheduled for June 17-21, 2015, the camp is entering its 13th year and has been a great opportunity for boys and girls in Montana and the surrounding states to sing a cappella music. The Chord Rustlers have provided leadership for this camp and, of course, help fund the camp with annual donations around $3,000.

So for the Chord Rustlers to donate money to a local High School is not uncommon!  They have done their last two annual shows and hosted the Evergreen Division V contest at the Belgrade High School Auditorium.  The auditorium is very nice, the stage is nice, the seats are great and it is nice to perform there.  However, they struggled with feedback on the quartet mics. The group has been soliciting funds to help improve the sound system in the auditorium.
But that is just money. The real goal is to build relationships with the local music educators and to help get kids, especially young men, singing. And it is with this goal in mind that the Chord Rustlers are doing this tremendously successful youth workshop.
Submitted by Kevin Mattson    Edited by Martin Banks
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