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Note: This is the penultimate regular post for this publication season. We want to extend a special thank you to Irene Droney, Eric Soriano, Keith Tripler, and all of our other guest contributors from this season. We also want to thank all of our readers for making us a part of your day, sharing your work, and contributing to The A Cappella Blog’s highest traffic season to date! Be sure to check back for a handful of news updates and features during the off-season. We will return to regular posting in September 2013.

The Best I’ve Seen highlights the very best in collegiate a cappella, as seen in the admittedly biased and limited view of the author. In this special edition, ACB Content Manager Mike Chin reflects upon the best of what he had the chance to see in the 2013 ICCAs. Please note that selections are limited to the 54 ICCA sets that Mike saw in-person this season.

Best Set: It should come as little surprise that The Northeastern University Nor’easters earn top honors for the best ICCA set I saw in 2013. Combining unwavering intensity with raw emotion and original song selection; top tier soloists with premier vocal percussion; unbelievable swells of sound with sureness of movement--no other act could really touch the crew from Boston this year. The group delivered a set that, at once, aced nearly every category available on an ICCA scoring card, and won over audiences through the group’s palpable will to succeed. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Honorable Mention: The UCLA ScatterTones, Florida State University Reverb, The Cornell University Chordials, University of Birmingham, The University of Nebraska Bathtub Dogs