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NBC hosted its Upfronts presentation this Monday, and along with the network's fairly awesome announcement that "The Voice" will be returning for a third season in September came the quite un-awesome news that NBC's other, more underrated vocal competition, "The Sing-Off," has been cancelled. It was the day the a cappella music died.

But the show's cast members and diehard fans aren't going without a fight. Judges Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman, and Sara Bareilles, along with host Nick Lachey, all took to their Twitter accounts this week to mobilize viewers to #SaveTheSingOff, and a grass-roots campaign, led by former contestants Street Corner Symphony, is now fully underway.

Boyz II Men singer Shawn has been the most vocal (no pun intended) of the bunch, posting a link to a petition asking NBC to reinstate the show and tweeting: "Now is time to show the power of social media! If u want @thesingoff back in the air, let ur voice be heard!! This has more to do with the movement that a Capella music was beginning to have because of the show and the great response it received... Show support to ALL of the groups that were on the show by letting them know how amazing they really are!!! And let's make #SavetheSingOff a trending topic!!! Let's go everyone, let's save the most unique vocal competition show on TV!!!! And one more thing, however u want to show support, SHOW IT! Dowatchalike!!!! Make it as profound and creative as possible!!!"

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