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A bathroom at Jensen Beach High School was the first place members of a cappella quartet JB4 sang together.

The echo and acoustics provided the perfect place for them to hear their voices together as they carried tunes during breaks from choir class. Two years later, they are giving their first professional performance April 1 at The Lyric Theatre's Flagler Center.

JB4 members — 19-year-olds Ryan Luriea and Cody Rogers, 18-year-old Chris Mash and 17-year-old Cory Jeacoma — met when they were part of Jensen Beach High's Jubilate Choir.

After their first jam sessions in the bathroom, they decided to start singing in downtown Stuart to raise money for a school trip to Chicago. By singing in front of restaurants for tips, each of them raised about $1,200 with the help of money from other performances.

But they also feel they accomplished something else:

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