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Rick Kready is pretty proud his son Jeff, a fourth-generation Barbershopper who sang lead in the 2005 CSD champ quartet Take 4, which broke up when Jeff moved on to professional acting. In a recent interview, Jeff describes how his stage dad helped launch his career:

‘Actually my first “professional job” was The Music Man at Kansas City Starlight, and I was in fourth grade. I went to the audition and I totally blew it—and I knew I blew it, in fourth grade; I was the worst one there out of 500 kids auditioning. And magically a week later, I found out I got it. I would be in the children’s chorus, and I was baffled. Then my senior year of high school, I find out the reason I got it was because they had asked my dad’s barber shop quartet to be the quartet in The Music Man and he said, ‘Yes, we will do it if you’ll cast my son.’ I was slightly devastated but it a great lesson that my very first job— the thing that spurred me on to do this for a living—was all by nepotism’

via Five Burning Questions with New Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder Star Jeff Kready | The Daily Scoop.