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Today, The Backbeats released their compilation of pop covers for all of the world to hear and purchase. The Backbeats have taken note-worthy pop songs from the past few years and stripped them down to A Cappella versions. The cd is sure to garner attention from both A Capella and pop fans across the board.

When you have the chance be sure to check out The Backbeats and pick up their album from iTunes!

The Backbeats: http://www.facebook.com/backbeatsvocal

Album: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-backbeats-from-the-sing/id479394194


Oh my goodness, I bet this is

Oh my goodness, I bet this is one amazing album. I hope that I get the chance to hear it really soon. It is always cool to hear A Capella versions of very popular songs. In today's world it might be the only way to know the lyrics.


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