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John Elving read this on the ACDA daily blurb. It is in response to a question from a teacher who said she has some pretty talented juniors and seniors who want to sing some Sweet Adeline music. It is the best response on there and worth sharing with all. Deanne Casperson, who lives in Idaho, writes:
Barbershop is AWESOME for high school girls.  I teach at a high school and got seriously hooked when I attended a festival the Barbershop Harmony Society offered in our area – free clinicians, free music, free awesome day of instruction with 10 other high schools, and a GREAT concert with our kids performing and a headliner quartet.  We have LOVED it ever since and I do a full 12-week unit on it for a couple of my classes now.  The very best resource are the Young Women in Harmony books – There are about 10 songs in each book – very accessible – on familiar staves – great songs.  They have 2 volumes out now.  Occasionally I have to change some of the bass notes because they are a bit low, but they are very cost effective and a resource I use every year.  Call the Sweet Adeline office and ask to speak with their educator representative and you will get great help.  They have even sent me some things for free that have been most useful.  If you want to know more about festivals in your area, reply to me and I’ll give you contact info.
Congrats on an awesome decision – I’ve never looked back.
Barbershop is gaining a foothold in our education systems throughout the nation!
Submitted by John Elving     Edited by Martin Banks
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