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It has been almost a year since the formation of Vital Signs, Elon University’s newest a cappella group. But for sophomore cofounders Ottavia Pomazon and Lexi Stones, that time has already allowed the group to make great strides.

“We’ve performed as a group multiple times now, so we’re used to performing more,” Pomazon said. “Because we have so many rehearsals under our belt, we’re more confident in our own personal singing abilities.”

The last year has been full of learning experiences for Vital Signs, not least of which was the process of actually becoming an official a cappella group on campus.

Junior Alex Howard performs “Lollipop” by Mika with Vital Signs March 8. Photo by Sara Hudak, staff photographer.

Pomazon and Stones, who were roommates last year, took an instant interest in Elon’s a cappella ensembles. They both had performance experience from high school, and they were looking forward to continuing that experience in college.

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