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Ra’anana-based acapella group Kippalive, which began as a group of friends singing Shabbat songs together on Friday nights in 2011, took the stage last week on the X-Factor Israel.

The group of singers came together as a hobby to put their own spin on Shabbat songs, but it was not long before they caught the attention of the municipality of Ra’anana with their street performances.

Shortly afterward they were performing their first show, on Independence Day 2011.

Kippalive’s 10 members (Doron Chitiz, Rafi Sandler, Shlomi Levin, Rafi Nathan, Matan Ziv, Daniel Fensterheim, David Weingarden, Gilad Felberg, Jeremy Benkamoun and Asher Stern), who continue to travel and perform around Israel, have become close friends since the founding of the group. They had known each other for a long time prior to the group’s creation but had never been close.

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