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09/19/2011 20:00
09/19/2011 22:00
America/New York

Our live-blog panel for Season 3 of The Sing-Off runs during the East Coast showings at 8:00pm. We’ll be going live around 15 minutes before the show starts to do panel introductions and get settled in.

For this premiere episode, we’ve got Jim McCann on the live panel with us - you’ll know him as a contributor to The Voice Box all-a cappella radio show which airs LIVE on WUNH-Durham (NH) and streams on wunh.org/live every Friday night at 8pm Eastern.

We’ll also be featuring viewer comments, selected Sing-Off tweets from our follow list, and live twitter feeds from “field agents” at aca parties (and if you’d like to be one of our twitter field agents, drop us a line at [contact at acageeks dot com] and we’ll let you know how to join in!)

Click here to launch tonight’s event! (opens in new window)

Links to previous episodes are available at blog.acageeks.com/live, and each event will be re-playable for those watching the show outside the Eastern time zone or on DVR/VOD.

(Note that this is independent fan coverage of The Sing-Off and we are in no way affiliated with NBC or The Sing-Off.)