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The long awaited Season 4 of The Sing-Off has wrapped filming, and a new winner has been crowned! The show will be airing in December (premiere 12/9), so while we eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, let’s take a look at where the past three season winners are now.

Season 1 Winners: NOTA

NOTA, the six member all-male group from Puerto Rico, stole audience’s hearts during the first season of the Sing-Off with their unique style of “vocal fusion” and Latino flair. They released their self-titled album in 2010 with a mix of covers and originals, and some of their most recent performances include SingStrong 2013 in Washington, D.C. and ACappellaStock in Ogden, Utah. They have been singing together for over 15 years, and although there has been some change in membership since their TV appearance in 2009, their post Sing-Off success ensures that they will be singing together for many more.
Season 2 Winners: Committed

Committed edged out the competition on Season 2 to take the title. The six-member all male group from Huntsville, Alabama released their self-titled debut album in 2011 and have recently utilized Youtube to their advantage, garnering thousands of views on their cover of “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake and giving viewers an insight to their upcoming studio project, “Dare to Fly.” Their touring schedule has also kept them busy, with recent and upcoming shows in New Hampshire, California, Toronto, and more. Committed’s signature R&B and gospel sound sealed the deal for them on their season of the Sing-Off and has continued to appeal to a wide audience ever since.

Season 3 Winners: Pentatonix

Pentatonix has had a thriving career ever since their win back in 2011. The five member group from Arlington, Texas released PTX Vols. I and II and PTXmas in 2012. They have gone on two national headlining tours, selling out most cities, and of course, who could forget their immensely popular Youtube videos? One of their most recent videos, a cover of “Can’t Hold Us” originally by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, has amassed over 4 million views and their most popular video to date has been their “Somebody I Used to Know” cover with close to 17 million views on YouTube. With their first European tour planned for the end of 2013, Pentatonix just keeps getting bigger and better.

It’s safe to say that just being on The Sing-Off is a life-changing experience for all groups involved, and winning The Sing-Off title is a huge honor. For these three groups, their hard work paid off and their success is well-earned, but we will continue to see plenty more. The competition is getting more fierce with each season and I can’t wait to see what it has in store, so definitely tune in to Season 4!

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As a musician Jessica started at an early age, playing piano and flute throughout her childhood, but she discovered singing and a cappella during high school and was immediately hooked. In college she sang with and directed the Boston University Allegrettos, doing most of the arranging as well as producing an album, and sang with friends in her hometown during the summers in Henry Fonda & the Falsettos. As a post-grad she has continued to arrange for various collegiate and high school groups. Some of her other interests include Boston sports and all dogs, ever.