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In The 5s, an ACB contributor breaks down an a cappella related institution by breaking it into lists of 5. In this edition, we consider Five Reasons You Should Make a Pledge to The A Cappella Book Kickstarter campaign.

1. It’s like the blog, but bigger and better. If you’ve enjoyed reading ACB event reviews, interviews, and columns, you’re going to love this 200+ page manuscript about the ins and outs of a cappella performance, networking, group management, and more. We’re pulling on all of our experience attending shows, talking to people in the know and ruminating on the many facets of a cappella. This book will truly be our manifesto and masterpiece. You won’t regret helping to make it happen.

2. Get it before anyone else and for less money. One of the great parts about donating through Kickstarter rather than just giving us money is the rewards component. Do you think you would buy The A Cappella Book when it comes out anyway? For just $10, you’ll get an e-copy, and get it before the official release date. Pledge five bucks more, and we’ll throw in a bargain, early edition hard copy to boot. Bump up the pledge to $35 and you’ll get two copies, both of them autographed, both in plenty of time to make awesome Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.

3. Be in the book. At the $35 pledge level, you get not only the two signed books and the e-copy, but also will have your name or your group’s name permanently added to the a cappella canon by appearing in the acknowledgements of the book. $100 will get you or your group a black and white photo in the book—a far lower price than advertising in Varsity Vocals or most festival program books, and a chance for your face to become a permanent image in the history of a cappella. Really big spenders also have shots at getting whole chapters written about them, or even being pictured on the cover!