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Last night May 14 2011 San Rafael, CA Harmony Sweepstakes Finals:

ASTONISHINGLY AMAZING SHOW.  Quickest summary of the show is this: 8 groups that were legit champions, not a weak link in the bunch, and each group a noble, talented, musical, and entertaining representative of the style of a cappella that they do.  For my money, any group could have won depending on the judges and placement in show and other mitigating factors, and that has not been the case in any of the other finals I have seen, where there were always at least a couple of groups that weren't really in the same league as everyone else.

Traces: so good thick harmony soul gospel.  Ladies can SING.  

Overboard: semi-pro modern rock, and they rock.  Youthful, energetic, and obscenely talented.

Brass Farthing: amazing drinking ensemble, singing bawdy sea chantys and robust men's block harmony.  Fantastic.

Da Capo: spot-on, chord-ringing, phrase-chewing barbershop.

THROAT: I sang in this group: 100% original rock.  I have no comment on our quality of lack thereof.

Vybration: disney-formed, commercial L.A. tight-chord wailing singer cover band.  So professional.

The Baudboys: post-college amateur group, they sing for fun, put together an AMAZING set and sang it with extreme prejudice.  Pure sweetness.

The Brotherhood Singers: 

Seriously, this was an amazing show.  Quality top to bottom.

Competition results:

Champs: Da Capo

2nd: Vybration

3rd: Brass Farthing

Audience Fav: Da Capo

Original Arrangement: Vybration

Original Song: Emily Bedal from THROAT

-Mister Tim, THROAT / Plumbers of Rome