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You said, “Give us something more than just watching shows!”logo_pittsburgh2015

You said, “We want our heroes to share what they know.”

You said, “What really happens when champ quartets go out on the road?”

We’ve got answers for (almost) all of that. This summer, Harmony U at the International Convention in Pittsburgh will offer ONE HUNDRED class sessions. We cover the entire landscape of barbershopping — to just scratch the surface, consider this range of choices:

  • Goodbye Stage Fright! with Paul Ellinger

  • Woodshedding 101 with Tom Gentry

  • Likes, Tweets, and Home Pages with Steve Skolnick

  • Eliminate Vocal Challenges with Ease! with Debra Lynn

  • Chorus Directing is Problem Solving with Jeff Taylor

  • Gold Medal Hour: The Vocal Majority

  • How To Share Barbershop With Music Teachers with Sherry Lewis

  • Diagnosis: Vocal Tension with Steve Scott

  • New Music Reading Session with Adam Scott

  • Overnight Success: Dealer’s Choice with Gary Parker

  • Comedy Hour with Shane Scott

  • AIC War Stories with Fred Farrell

  • Barbershop roots with David Wright

  • Gold Medal Hour: Musical Island Boys

Why a hundred classes instead of a dozen or so?HU Logo

Flexibility: Our students can choose from a variety of days and times to attend. Arriving early? Great – classes start on Tuesday!

Choice: Can’t handle 15 hours of quarter-finals? No problem: duck out for a few classes. Want to do, not watch? This is all about participation: Move, sing, and actively participate.

See the full list of courses and times at barbershopconvention.com/harmony-university