HomeThe ‘Cool’ Kids of College A Capella: Can America’s Dorkiest Music Genre Calm Down?

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Before this weekend we believed the world could be divided into two sets of people: Those who liked the cheesy theatrically of a capella groups and those who would rather Lena Dunham their ears with a Q-tip rather than watch an episode of Glee or sit through Pitch Perfect.

But that was before this weekend’s International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) at The Town Hall in New York, where the Nor’easters of Northeastern University took home the grand prize and NPR’s Linda Holmes, writing on the radio station’s Monkey See culture blog, introduced us to the idea of non-ironic rockapella and a phenomenon known as “flirting on the square.”

See, according to Ms. Holmes, many of the college groups that participate in the ICCA–like the Nor’Easters– are really talented singers who do intense numbers with very little “flair.”

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