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Kraft Thanks Facebook Fans Via Song [VIDEO]

Kraft Mac & Cheese on Friday rolled out a special thanks for Facebook fans — a nearly

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YellowJackets show spreads itself too thin

On Saturday, April 14, students who were able to attend the UR YellowJackets show in Strong Auditorium, which featured guest groups Howard University’s Afro Blue and Committed, arguably two of th

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-3 (Oct. 3): Round 2, Bracket 1 (2nd Hour)

The second hour of episode 3 starts off with an unusually long video package, at first featuring the performers saying various things about the music of the 1960's (some of it genuinely funny) and featureimage: 

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-3 (Oct. 3): round 2, bracket 1 (1st hour)

The contest gets marginally less arbitrary this week, as the remaining twelve, originally from four brackets of four groups each, are, um, split in two brackets of six groups each.  I think.

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Mukilteo native to sing on TV show

Galen Dole used to be a painfully shy kid, hiding behind his mother's skirt and stuttering slightly in kindergarten.