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VOCA PEOPLE Concludes Off-Broadway Run 9/2; Will Launch National Tour in February 2013

VOCA PEOPLE (www.VocaPeopleNYC.com), will begin their US national tour in Febr

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Voca People review: Novelty wears thin

They come in peace. And they definitely know how to handle harmony.

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'Voca People' sings songs from space

It’s not every day that the works of Madonna, Mozart, Queen and other musical titans and temptresses are brought to life in a cappella splendor by eight aliens from another galaxy.

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Aliens Have Landed And Are Singing Medleys

How do you make eight talented vocalists into a tourist attraction?

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New York Magazine Reviews "Voca People"

But perhaps your bachelorette party/drunken night out is in search of musical diversions slightly more G-rated.

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