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The World Still Awaits the Great A-Cappella Movie

Like much of the so-called classic cinema, “Pitch Perfect” is a triumph of producers and casting directors.

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A Cappella Hits the Big Time - and the Big Screen

A few years ago, actor Elizabeth Banks and her producing partner and husband, Max Handelman, received a copy of a non-fiction book by Mickey Rapkin entitled "Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate

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Universal Bets Perky 'Pitch Perfect' Will Keep Box Office Beat (Video)

Making competitive college a cappella singing seem cool is a feat in itself. Now Universal will find out if its comedy musical “Pitch Perfect” can hit the box-office high notes.

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Obnoxious Jerks and Bodily Fluids: Where "Pitch Perfect" the Movie Diverges From the Book

Amidst the publicity storm for the new major studio film “Pitch Perfect,” there is little mention of the book upon which it is based.