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As part of Pentatonix, Arlington trio shines on NBC's "The Sing-Off"

Over the past decade or so, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi and Kirstie Maldonado have sung their way into hearts and souls across North Texas.

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-8 (Nov. 7): Top 6 (1st hour)

How the mighty will fall tonight. It's the top 6 of 16, of course, but any elimination still feels like it's too soon.

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-6 (Oct. 24): Top 8 (2nd Hour)

Urban Method: seriously, y'all gotta chill out. Their opening video package makes them sound like they think they're being led to the slaughter or something.

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-5 (Oct. 17): Top 10 (2nd hour)

In retrospect, the second hour is so much more entertaining than the first hour, and so much less stressful to watch (though more stressful to judge, I'm sure).