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Thinking Inside The Box (A Little Bit)

Late last year, I wrote about the need to think outside the box when choosing a cappella repertoire, and I suggested groups stay away from the songs featureimage: 

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Letter to a 15 year old Songwriter

Good to see you and your family this weekend. 15 is a great age.... you are on your way to finding what 'your voice' is all about.

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Thinking Outside the Box For Repertoire (or how I learned to stop parroting Top 40 music and start innovating)

If you listen to a fair amount of a cappella music (and if you’re reading this, you likely qualify), you probably know that the “mainstream” of most American a cappella is often a “lamestream” of r

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What Your Group Is Doing Wrong… (part 3)

Part 1 - http://www.casa.org/content/what-your-group-doing-wrong%E2%80%A6