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Ensemble Norma

Ensemble Norma, consisting of five Finnish female singers, was founded in 2004.

ENSEMBLE NORMA consists of five female singers. The Finnish, Helsinki-based group was founded in 2004.

Zambian Vocal Collection

A Cappella Group

Zambian Vocal Collection started late 1994 when their older brothers and cousins the Zambian Acapella came to the the United States for a 14 months tour. Getting the inspiration from Zambian Acapella, the vocal Collection worked hard developing a rich blend of African melodies fused with western traditional hymns. They traveled to the United States 1995 as Zambian Acapella Boys choir to help Zambian Acapella raise money for Highland School in Kalingalinga. The school has more than 400 fulltime students enrolled from first to twelfth grade.

Me Me Me

A Cappella Group

Born on a Thai food fuelled Saturday night at Eavan's house in 2005, MeMeMe is an ensemble prepared for any musical outing. After singing together for years in a choir, a baroque vocal ensemble and an ill-fated Irish folk band, Genevieve, Eavan and Eleanor move seamlessly from Bulgarian folk tunes to Bluegrass to Motown hits. Performance highlights include the National Folk Festivals 2006 & 2007 and an award-winning performance at the St Albans Folk Festival last year.

Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares

A Cappella Group

LE MYSTERE DES VOIX BULGARES: "Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares" is an ensemble of a rare artistic gift and enormous popular appeal. Its story is a story of a success. Created fifty years ago, its goal was to enrich the heritage of the Bulgarian solo folk song with harmonies and arrangement that highlighted its beautiful timbres and irregular rhythms. They transform sounds into strange vocal colors as if something other than the human voice, perhaps some strange instrument is playing.


A Cappella Group

The mission of WomanSpiritRising,a feminist chorus, is to utilize the strength and spirit of music in songs that inspire, educate and empower women and the larger community working for freedom, justice and peace. We are a diverse group of women. We come from many walks of life, representing varied interests, and our ages span at least three generations. We are united in a common spirit and energy. Our music is as varied as our membership. We sing songs of the Civil Right's movement, spirituals, folk, contemporary and original compositions.