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Listen Up! Jewish Vocal Band

Heimische Harmony & Humor. Jewish Vocal Pyrotechnics.

Listen Up! provides a truly unique approach to Jewish entertainment.

Living Out Loud

A Cappella Group

18-voice acappella singers Living Out Loud dish up a feast of mesmerizing lyrics and unique arrangements with vibrant rhythm and delicious harmonies. Based in Clifton Hill (Melbourne) our songs - mostly locally written and arranged - are contemporary, spiritual and earthy. Many feature words by local authors Meme McDonald, Elizabeth Honey and Rosalind Price, grounded in the landscape around us and reflecting a sense of place, connection to the elements and to each other.


A Cappella Group

The name AKSARA has Eastern Indian origins and means "Syllable of Sound". AKSARA is presently a seven woman auditioned, a cappella ensemble from Southern New Hampshire and has been together since 1998. Their enchantingly expressive harmonies and variation in repertoire and instrumentation bring the listener to a place of composed peacefulness; an experience not an event. AKSARA's vision is of a world in which healing, understanding, compassion, and intentional living is embraced globally. It is our intention to help manifest this vision through music and sound healing.

Alter Ego

A Cappella Group

Perché "Alter Ego"? Perché con il canto riusciamo ad esternare emozioni e sentimenti che non sono così evidenti nella nostra personalità quotidiana...

Blue Of A Kind

A Cappella Group

Blue of a Kind is a men's a cappella ensemble that presents lively arrangements of songs exploring the genres of jazz, blues, gospel, sea chanteys, folk, spirituals and popular music.