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An established contemporary female a cappella group based in NYC!

Mezzo is a NYC semi-professional contemporary female a cappella group.

Watch out for us at upcoming open mics and gigs around the city!


Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon - Based in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Sunday Afternoon's (SA) distinguished sound comes from the diversity of each member of the band.

Sunday Afternoon - Based in Cedar Rapids Iowa,

Pitches be Crazy

Pitches be Crazy urban a cappella band with a heavy focus on 1970s - 1990's R&B and rap. We do other stuff as well, but that's our bread and butter.

Urban mixed a cappella group making lots of noise and dope music!


Started in January of 2011 over a trip to Bojangles, Alex Alberti and Freddy Perkins conceived the idea of a second co-ed a cappella group on campus t

Choral Stimulation

Glasgow University's acapella group

Formed at Glasgow University in 2008 (in the belief that great music should also be great fun!), Choral Stimulation’s aim is to produce top-quality a capella music and, through performing, celebrat