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Set Tone Men

Leading all male voice group in Hong Kong

Set Tone Men (STM) is a young and energetic contemporary male a cappella group established in September 2011.


Let's bring Vocal Sensations to our Audiences!

Brought together in 2009, Lasagna has been active in bringing vocal sensations to audiences across the regions (Hong Kong, Macau and various cities in Mainland China).


Zense is one of the most active a cappella group in Hong Kong

Zense is an a cappella group founded in 2009. The name ‘Zense’ is originated from ‘sense’, which symbolized the new and refreshing sensation brought by the team’s performance.


MIT's East Asian a cappella group

Syncopasian promotes the awareness of East Asian pop culture at MIT and the surrounding community through performances of East Asian a cappella music.


From Children's Choir to A Cappella

Songbird is an a cappella group founded in 2008 by 10 enthusiastic young singers who are ex-members of the Hong Kong Children’s Choir (HKCC).