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Every year the competition to win a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) becomes tougher. The number of groups who submit excellent albums increases every year but the number of nomination slots has remained constant, making it significantly more difficult to get official recognition for even the most outstanding submissions. Nowhere is this more true than in the collegiate genres where the number of submissions grows significantly every year.

In order to honor the young musicians who have created exceptional albums, we release the list of the nominators’ top 10 albums in each of the collegiate categories.

Congratulations to the groups listed here!

Mixed Collegiate

Afterglow by Aural Pleasure (Emory)
Amalgamation by Amateurs (Washington U.)
Balls to the Wall by N’Harmonics (NYU)
Feed the Sound by Purple Haze (Northwestern)
House on Fire by Rhythm & Blue (Duke)
if maniacs Riot by Ramifications (Suffolk U.)
Never Odd or Even by Mind the Gap (U. of Oregon)
Pass Us By by Nonsequitur (Columbia)
This Always Happens by Acappology (North Carolina State U.) [seen in photo]
Wherever You Stand by ScatterTones (UCLA)

Male Collegiate

A Fifth by On the Rocks (U Oregon)
All In by Pitchforks (Duke)
Bad Bromance by Yellowjackets (U Rochester)
Breakdown! By Ithacappella (Ithaca College)
Do Not Disturb by Outspoken (Oregon State)
Flair by Last Call (Cornell)
Go Nuts! by The Back Row (Colorado College)
No Safety Nets by Eight Beat Measure (Rochester IT)
The Chase by Duke’s Men (Yale)
Welcome to the Paradise Lounge by Freshman Fifteen (Northwestern)

Female Collegiate

Blackout by Sil’hooettes (UVA)
Decadence by Hoos in Treble (UVA)
Defined by Noteworthy (BYU)
Forget Me Not by Deja Blue (Duke)
Just Got Real by AcaBelles (FSU)
Love Affair by Sweet Signatures (Elon)
Philophony by Loreleis (UNC)
Take Flight by Signature A Cappella (UCLA)
Tempest by Sapphires (UNCG)
Toward Home by Minor Variations (Wake Forest)



proud and honored

:)  that's all

nice job everybody!  


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