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Beatboxing vs. Mouthdrumming

Q.Manny from New York asks: Is there a difference between mouthdrumming and beatboxing or are they the same? A. I’m glad you asked, Manny. That comes up a lot. I just hopped over to Wikipedia, which told me "Beatboxing is the vocal percussion of hip hop culture and music." I'd agree with that. Okay, so then what's vocal percussion?

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Ask Wes: On Buying Equipment

{mosimage}Q. Russ from Freeport, ME asks: Our son Nick is a freshman at Syracuse U and is into a cappella and beatboxing. He has asked for a speaker/amp/mic setup that he could use for beat-boxing. Can someone offer some guidance as to what we should look for and where we might find it for a fair price? A. Russ, I get this question frequently, and there isn't a single best answer, because in addition to budget, beatboxing style plays a huge part in sound system component selection. However, here are some guidelines that should help make the problem significantly more manageable.

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How To Do Vocal Percussion Without Amplification

Q: Jake Smith from Wilton, ME asks: