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Getting Gigs

So. You’ve assembled a group of amazing singers. You’ve got a business manager and a music director. You’re running a nice PR campaign. You finally updated your website. You got your rockin’ repertoire. You rehearse like mad. You’re basically a well-oiled machine. You’ve done a couple shows, then you go to look at your list of upcoming performances, and it’s totally empty!! Why don’t we have any holiday gigs? You suddenly feel like Ol’ Mother Hubbard looking for dog food.

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Administering Awesome Auditions

Hey Dave, My college group will be holding auditions soon. Although our group has been decent in the past, we’d really like to step things up to the next level. We obviously want people who sing well, but we also want to get people who take our group seriously. We want to attract really committed people. How do we do that?  Got any suggestions? Thanks, Jason