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Strength in numbers

I’ve been asked by several people recently, all of them “non-acas”, that is, people who aren’t incredibly familiar with a cappella music, how and why I devote so much of my time to my a cappella pursuits. I’m reminded in my conversations that many of these people haven’t been lucky enough to share in the camaraderie that comes from singing in an a cappella group, and that a lot of them don’t have similar passions. featureimage: 

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All big mouths want some airtime

    The world of a cappella music is such a fun place. We’re a strange little microcosm of the greater music industry, full of brilliant minds and tons of talent and huge personalities. We’re in a community where time flies by almost in dog years it would seem (in that case, I’ve been singing aca for 42 years!), and we’ve proven that with time, we adapt quite ably to this rush of progress. featureimage: