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Looking for a well-paying career in a cappella? It might be waiting for you, and closer than you think!

Lend me your ears! Better yet, rent them to me... Looking for a well-paying career in A Cappella?  It might be waiting for you, and closer than you think! featureimage: 

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The Stockholm Aca-Syndrome

Hello again, it's been awhile! What to write about?  How about the same freaking thing I always write about? featureimage: 

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More About Deadlines…

Awhile back, I wrote about giving yourself a good cushion for album releases, i.e.

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"Just Tell Me What I Should Buy!"

Just about every day I'll get an email from a random A Cappella person asking if he or she should buy a particular mic, preamp, plug-in, monitor, headphone, recording platform, sound absorber, and

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What The Zhen Jo Were We Thinking??

Well, I’m on another airplane, so it’s time to write some articles!  I’m on my way back from the 2009 ICCA Finals in New York, which will probably go down in aca-lore as “the day MTV took over”. While judging the finals, I noticed something that also bugs me in recordings, so thought it might be a good topic – over-enunciation of nonsense syllables.  Now, your high school choir teacher might be proud that you’ve kept up your good diction, but I say doh jin jin walla boww to that.

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