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A Point Of View

First articles are the hardest ones to write. "Who is this guy? What has he accomplished? And why should I care what he thinks?"  Let me start with the first question. Who is this guy? My name is Rene Ruiz. I was born in Austin, Texas.  I currently live in New York City. I'm single and live alone with my dog,  Buddy. I have the worst track record when it comes to relationships and the best DVD collection in the universe. I enjoy traveling andlong walks on the  beach. I am a Libra and a Methodist. I once laughed so hard at an Abbott & Costello movie, I passed an entire Oreo cookie through my left nostril.

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Willkommen, Bienvenue...

Welcome to the first installment of "Adventures in A Cappella Arranging," the new and hopefully improved "Arranger's Corner," which was featured in The CAN (The Contemporary A cappella News, CASA's official news magazine) through most of the 1990s. I'll be your host, as we explore the backwaters of a cappella arranging, one issue at a time. Then, if we get back before sunset, I'll pull off my mukluks and answer some reader letters. (Feel free to email me at deke@casa.org.) Before I start, I should make one thing very clear: although I'll do my best to give you high-quality, low-risk advice, it should be noted that there's no perfect solution for every situation. Music is art, and as such is reliably messy. Music theory is just that - a theory - and, as we've seen with Newton and Einstein, yesterday's perfect rule can be today's "sometimes, but..."

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CASA Chorus Interest Grows

It always takes time to create something new and different. The idea behind CASA Choruses is certainly that: build a national network of choruses that are a cross between college a cappella groups, barbershop choruses and community choruses. Since the initiative began last October, the word has spread and directors are now beginning to raise their hands to say Id like to start such a chorus! The most progress has been in Frederick, Maryland, where Carolyn Sexton has been auditioning singers and will be starting rehearsals soon for A Cappella Showcase. You can reach her at ACappellaShowcase@gmail.com.

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Contemporary A Cappella Arranging in 10 Steps

Contemporary a cappella has been around for over a decade, resulting in a dynamic and rhythmic sound and style that makes it different from barbershop, doo wop, close harmony, and other a cappell

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Finding Emotional Synchronicity Benefits Both Performer and Listener

MAINE -- There are aspects of a cappella singing that makes it pleasurable for both singers and fans alike. When performed well, all-vocal singing achieves what I call emotional synchronicity the expression of deeply felt human emotions (such as joy, love and pain) by many people at the same time, with the same intensity. Its the kind of thrill you get going to a sports event with 25,000 people all cheering or booing at the same time, or doing a line dance at a wedding. Were a tribe. We all feel the same way. Its primal satisfaction.Emotional synchronicity can be a powerful way for performers to capture and energize their audience. When four, or five, or 150 singers match their emotional projections as well as they match their pitches and vowels, the resulting emotion wave felt by the audience increases by orders of magnitude versus what a single singer might achieve. Consequently, the audience is captivated by an empathetic reaction, and their emotional synchronicity rolls right back at the performers. What a thrill!