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Add YOUR arrangements to the CASA.org Arrangement Library!

The Contemporary A Cappella Society is seeking pdfs of arrangements of original and Public Domain songs for donation to the CASA Arrangement Library! featureimage: 

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Mosaic's America's Got Talent Performance Analysis

It's rare that an a cappella group gets 90 seconds of air time on a prime time television show, so when they do, it's worth paying attention. Closely. How did Mosaic do? Let's take a look (you can watch the video on the CASA.org home page, or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOJULQWITNo&eurl ): 1:17 - song starts - vocal percussion - strong kick snare backbeat - Troy lays an an excellent foundation.

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KRNU "Vocal Chords" Radio/Webcast Playlist; 08/07/09

Vocal Chords is the weekly a cappella and vocal music show from 90.3 KRNU at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, heard live on Friday mornings at 8 a.m., central time (GMT -06:00) with a replay in the same time slot the following Sunday morning.  Both the Friday and Sunday shows stream in real time on the station’s web site http://krnu.unl.edu or via the 90.3 KRNU stream in the college/university radio category on iTunes.

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MOSAIC on America's Got Talent

Hey everyone, Troy from MOSAIC here... You may or may not know that we made it through the Las Vegas rounds of America's Got Talent ! (nothing confidential being divulged here, BTW...completely public knowledge) Please TUNE IN on Tuesdays and see if we can get this artform of ours further into the mainstream!  Thanks for the support! We'll do our best to represent!  

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Resources for People Holding Auditions

It seems a lot of people are discussing auditions lately.  We've got lots of great League groups that are forming or growing, and scholastic groups are only weeks away from the new school year.  In that vein, I wanted to throw out a couple resources for those who are currently planning auditions.