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I was listening to Mouth Off the other day...

So I was listening to Mouth Off the other day, and it was Mouth Off from 6/7/09, where there is that unusual dance beat in  500 Miles and it reminded me of the guys group from my high school when they did Uptown Girl (Deke Sharon's Arrangment). Where they add VP in the arrangment and what he does is a dance beat until  he pops up all of a sudden and does a solo out of nowhere.   Just a side note: This isn't my group i'm part of the mixed group. i was standing off to the side with my mouth open when they sang this.

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Strength in numbers

I’ve been asked by several people recently, all of them “non-acas”, that is, people who aren’t incredibly familiar with a cappella music, how and why I devote so much of my time to my a cappella pursuits. I’m reminded in my conversations that many of these people haven’t been lucky enough to share in the camaraderie that comes from singing in an a cappella group, and that a lot of them don’t have similar passions. featureimage: 

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America's Got Talent, pt. 2

I still can't (technically) talk about my experience on America's Got Talent, but if I could, I would just mention (for the three or four of you that actually watch the show, who might actually care): Them buzzers are LOUD.   When you see people flinch when the buzzers go off, it's because it is painful.  For example, check out David Johnson with the best song so far this season:  featureimage: 

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Calling Newbie and Oldie arrangers

I would like to present to CASA a hip new blog that has a huge section about a cappella arranging. SmarterMusic (http://smartermusic.us) empowers and enriches by teaching skills that any arranger uses when making a cappella arrangements.

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SoCal (OC) pop a cappella group forming still needs a VOCAL PERCUSSIONIST

So the group I'm forming is rolling steadily towards completion but I still desperately need a full-time VP to complete my set.  The one Mr. Tim tried to ship to me got lost in the mail somehow so I'm still without (I hope he poked holes in the box like I recommended). Any one interested or know someone who might be interested, look my way please!! http://www.wearesono.com